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The launch is so close, and we are delighted to inform you, that it is now possible to pre-sign up for the MarketGeek Club for FREE.

MarketGeek Club give you access to:

  • Business insights and guides
  • Hands-on papers, with Tips and Tricks
  • Marketing news, articles and videos
  • School section and knowledge base

What is the MarketGeek Club?

Hands-on business guides, and FREE tips and tricks

The MarketGeek team aims to provide you with useful business knowledge and how-to guides.

Learn how to:

  • Create a succesful startup
  • Be competitive in today’s market
  • Create a strong marketing strategy, that fits your goals
  • Build and adapt a strong Business Model
  • Structure your work and reach your goals
  • Use the right tools for your business
  • Monetize your data and customers

Marketing news, articles and videos

The MarketGeek team love marketing and viral content. We are thrilled when creative marketers nail it, and will provide you with great examples, news, histories and inspiration.

We focus on:

  • How to be a successful Marketer
  • Marketing tools, systems and automation
  • Online AND offline campaigns
  • Social media, APPs and Viral campaigns
  • AVOID wasting your money
  • Plan for your audience
  • Monetize your data and customers

School section and knowledge base

Learn how to become a real MarketGeek, by joining both online classes and webinars. In the MarketGeek Club, we will gather and provide you with the theories and tools and then challenge your knowledge in different tests.

In the knowledge base, you will gain access to a wide range of different useful tutorials, guides and articles.